I met the extremely bright and well-read Aditya Chakrabortty of the Guardian yesterday.  The only downside to this is a further augmentation of my reading matter, which I honestly cannot see my way past.  On the current ‘to read list’ are:

  • Skidelsky’s the Return of the Master
  • The Creation and Destruction of Value by Harold James
  • Armatya Sen’s Idea of Justice (thank you, Sir Samuel Brittan)
  • In Fed we Trust (well, I need some help if I am to take on Mervyn King?)
  • Finish Bernanke’s Great Depression
  • The $12 million stuffed shark I have a particular thing about conspicuous consumption and Art ever since reading that brilliant book of John Carey’s called What good are the Arts? – worth reading just for the extent to which it wound up Jeanette Winterson
  • The rest of the Great Contraction chapter from Friedman and Schwartz – it is the foundation stone for monetary thinking I suppose
  • Because I am reliably told that insomnia can result from not reading enough light stuff, I have picked up the long-dust-gathering “1599: A year in the life of William Shakespeare”  but am afraid it might make me want/need to read/re-read all the plays
  • I have not even thought of reading some of the many other offerings on the Crash – Vince’s, Gillian Tett’s, Kaufman’s  ..  surely reading the FT every day counts for something?
  • Thanks to Aditya, and Anthony Painter’s reference to it, I now have a book by Richard Koo called Lessons from Japan’s Great Recession.  Fortunately this slide presentation looks like a good shortcut for now.
  • On top of this, John Kay gave away a copy of his new book yesterday; and comment number 16 on this post by Paul got me thinking that I had not read The Book through to the end properly.   Which I hadn’t.

Now over to Google Reader.  Oh, dammit, Nick Clegg has written something 92 pages long for Demos.  Vince is the only person to be frank (ish) on public spending — unfortunatey at 60 pages’ length.  And now the IFS have weighed in.  I often complain about Labour and the Conservative party not being frank enough.  Now I’m thinking: thank God they aren’t, I’d drown under the paper.  Keep equivocating and fibbing, for pity’s sake.


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