Vince Cable is speaking today – perhaps the only time I will be spending in the main hall listening.  This is what the BBC has fastened in on:

The Lib Dems are to outline plans for a tax on owners of £1m-plus homes, using the proceeds to help low-paid workers. Treasury spokesman Vince Cable will announce plans for a 0.5% annual levy on the most expensive homes, raising £1bn, at the party conference later.

For those of you who have read ‘A balancing act’, you may notice a similarity with an idea there: good.  It also moves some way towards what ALTER call for, though note: property and land are different, and my ideas would, I now recognise, reduce the incentive to improve your home.

Excellent Liberal Vision have highlighted a split between Lib Dem voters and Lib Dem activists on which party they would rather the Party went into partnership with in a hung parliament.  Fascinating.   I am not sure I have a view: I am probably CentreRight on the economy, but think the Tories have been dreadful on this issue in the last 18 months.  Both main parties suck in different ways

Continuing to hammer nails into the anti-Tuition Fee Policy coffin, the CBI has come out calling for the cap to be lifted a long way.  I’m beginning to feel bad about my gloating in the hotel bar at the expense of an NUS chap who disagrees – I, after all, got to do university without much debt.  Sorry.  But the fees are still the right policy.


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