For a start, the coffee really sucks.  I’m longing to find the b****d who passed some motion in 1988 that said “1.23 Coffee served at conference shall be bilge”.

Then, if you start talking sense about the fiscal situation, you are accused of being a Conservative.  No. The Tories are not the only party who have refused to join in the war on Arithmetic.  As an MP here pointed out today, if you put income tax up 5p, abolished the army navy and airforce and the Foreign office, you would still be nowhere near closing this year’s deficit.   So, Soho Politico, get real.

Then these sort of amusing-insulting lists: lots of fun for media insiders, and a nightmare for the MP’s popping up and down the charts.

On another note, this afternoon Liam Halligan was the most forthright speaker on Britain’s fiscal mess.  He was also largely wrong.  Leaping up in dismay about the fiscal problems last autumn – and trying to fix the deficit – could only have made it worse.   Getting the government to retrench at the same time as the private sector, alongside a credit crunch, comes straight out of the Why I want to be Herbert Hoover and Montague Norman and Cause a Great Depression school of financial advice.  But nicely put.

I actually agreed with his scepticism about QE, and was glad to see that John Thurso, MP did too. Though not as sceptical as Mrs Thurso, the MP’s mother, was apparently about him “going into trade”.


4 thoughts on “It’s tough being a Liberal Democrat

  1. I really look forward to watching this when I’m not being restricted to 10 minutes on Lib Dem computers (the people around me do it for 50 – another war on Arithmetic)

  2. Where Liam Halligan is wrong in this video is in believing that we can transition (horrible verb) directly from depressed economy into inflation without passing through any sort of useful increase in economic activity. The Scott Sumner piece that I posted earlier dealt with this fairly conclusively. And his fiscal views are utterly nuts – in the event I attended, he failed to address the lunacy of his position, or reallly look at what happened in Japan.

    But I’m glad he exists, so I can point at him as emblematic of a certain mad view. Thanks for the link.

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