I feel I ought to explain after being explicitly picked up as a devastating-argument-ignorer on this post-thread here.

I would love it if I could sit down at 7am in front of the computer with a large coffee and determined expression.  But right now, there’s a seven- and four-year old to get ready for school – they are at the age when they can negoatiate and fight but not reason, it’s like getting Bin Laden, Ian Paisley and one of those more atavistic Popes from the nineteenth century to agree to a Christmas song.

The third child is big enough to do truly horrible craps that go everywhere, like this morning (photo unavailable).

Plus all the horrors that come with a good school: jam jars filled with sweets for some fundraising nonsense, a *&**ing violin, multiple variations in uniform, all that.   By the time it’s 8:30 I feel through the wringer.  Then the FT and Internet filled up with stuff I’m meant to know about – today:

  • rebalancing at the G20 (I have to field calls about this)
  • Larosiere being implemented
  • living wills
  • Willem Buiter’s huge opus on Fiscal Stimulus (no doubt sceptical)
  • the Bank’s minutes
  • Kate Barker speech (excellent)
  • All the follow through from the Lib dem conference (e.g. see Mark Littlewood)

Then I have a permanent google search on QE to go through.  It would help if I could get my damned useless phone to help me blog when standing cramped on a District line.

I hope to get better at this, because it’s so much fun.  But balancing blogging, serious work stuff and a non-divorced home life (and I’m also only onto series 2 of the Wire), requires more organisation than I currently possess.


2 thoughts on “Explanation for nonresponsiveness

  1. I keep looking forward to some golden age where none of them have to be a. helped into clothes or b. have food shoved into them and therefore c. on Saturdays, they can be sent downstairs to watch rubbish cartoons. Which would mean d. I could actually get 10 hours’ consecutive sleep for the first time since 2001.

    But by then adolescence will be impending, and I’ll have spent half the night waiting for them to come back from some godawful party ;-((

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