Overheard on the train:

Woman: “You going to the Conservative conference?”

Man*: “Yes, but I’m not a Conservative, I’m just speaking at an event ”

Woman: “Oh, no me neither, I’m organising an event I’m not in that main hall, all that blue rinse”

Both over-eager to disassociate from Tory-ness, as if it were a slight stain on the character.   After 12 years.  It’s strange.

Of course, this is terrible news for people opposing the Conservatives: it means that current polls are probably understating their lead (though see this view at UK Polling Report).

*well, me.  But as a genuine swing voter (look, I just want the right policies ok?), I take myself as a reasonable weathervane.  People who have made money in the City can -rightly- feel ever so uncomfortable about seeming to vote to preserve their already large advantage


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