Putting Conservative plans under the microscope

Julian Astle, co-director with a particular specialism for education policy, has produced a policy review taking a hard look at Conservative plans for the education system.

It’s good that Michael Gove, their education spokesman, believes in a pupil premium – so did CentreForum, with Tackling Educational Inequality playing an important part in influencing policymakers towards this radical idea.  But does he have the money – or the ability to confront his core constituency in leafy shires, who may see reduced funding going forward?

We also welcome his support for a more decentralised approach to education. But how do you square this with his prescriptive and wrong-headed approach to a ‘traditional’ curriculum (argued about here)?  Will he not be another Ed Balls but from the tradition of Tory bossiness rather than Labour authoritarianism?

Here is the PDF. Please let me/us know what you think.

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I'm a mid 40s, former special adviser (Downing Street 2017-19, BIS from 2010-14), former FT leader writer and Lex Columnist, former financial dealer (?) at IG, student of economic history, PPE like the rest of them, etc. This blog has large gaps for obvious reasons. The name is dumb - the CentreForum think tank blog was called Freethink, I adapted that, we are stuck now.

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