In many ways, I ducked the issues in ‘A balancing act’, because on the subject of spending cuts it just waved its hands and said “yeah, we’ll need some of those”.   I knew all along that my colleague John Springford was organising a conference for the Autumn that would look at this issue in proper detail.

The conference is on 12th November, and more details of it are given in this blogpost.  We have a strong line up from countries that have survived similar fiscal trauma.  Sweden, Canada, Australia are represented, and there are a collection of UK experts and parliamentarians to give the UK perpsective.

Come along. I know the readership of this blog is a select and discerning crew.  I’d be delighted and honoured to see you in the audience.

The conference will take place between 9 am and 3.15 pm on Thursday 12 November, at 45 Millbank. It is sponsored by Ernst and Young and the Canadian Foreign Ministry.

If you would like to come, please email


3 thoughts on “Conference on 12th November

  1. I’d actually have conisdered coming, but I’m booked. Have a good one though.

    I’ve not commented much recenlty, just through lack of time, but just wanted to say I am reading and I’m enjoying the output even though you’re a self-confssed half-arsed liberal namby pamby etc etc

  2. But I pull back from being fully-arsed, though that may come with time.

    Not to worry – you have a real job to do in Lancs after all. See you around

  3. Was very happy to recieve an invite to this. Need to see if I can make some of it. I’m launching my own report on welfare that very morning and am off to Paris for a well-earned break/first holiday all year early evening…

    …I’m going to make surebody goes along though …it’s a quality gig and lineup.


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