Remember my annoyance at Cameron accusing Labour of being bad at poverty alleviation?  Collins has gone for it here.

For the record, inequality has never risen faster than during the Thatcher years. John Major reduced inequality through the genius expedient of arranging a recession. Over the past decade the salaries of the educated have risen quicker than the wages of the uneducated. The upshot of government action — the minimum wage and tax credits — has almost, but not quite, offset the growing income inequality. . . . Culture change doesn’t spring fully formed out of the ether. As a matter of historical record, pretty much every time that a Conservative Government has left a progressive legacy it has done so by adding to the functions of government rather than by subtracting from them.

Thanks to Sam Coates at the Times Red Box blog.  It’s good to see such solid scepticism of nice ideas like “the voluntary sector springing up into the place of the state.”


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