I am a bit mystified, and to be honest, depressed, by quite how much the traffic to this site can be boosted by containing a few frankly sordid search terms.  I am talking about this:

This is not the most popular blog by any means.  But writing a really bogstandard post, that contained the words “Catherine Ashton” and “Jewish Conspiracy”, led to it busting its recent records by a long way.  In a funny postmodern way, the post was written observing a similar phenomenon at another Liberal blog, Schneider Home.

Not because I write insightful or witty posts about, um, fiscal or monetary policy, heaven forfend.  No, because a good quarter of the people arrived searching for some combination of:

Baronnes Ashton or Catherine Ashton


Jewish, Jew and Conspiracy.

Half of today’s readers are reading that bogstandard post (some just googled Catherine or Baronness Ashton. But most included the conspiracy stuff).

And I want to ask a simple question: why?  Who are you people?  What are you searching for?  Do you have some sort of crazed theory?  Does it link the Baronness to some sort of plot to take over Blighty from Brussels?  Does it involve the Elders of Zion? Are you amongst that tribe of people who think that there is some connection between 9/11, the Moon Landings, the assassination of JFK, the Rapture, and the way Elvis is definitely not dead?

Or is there some sort of innocent explanation?

Will one of you do me a favour?  Please, if you have arrived here after Googling* as above (I don’t want to keep writing it), then could you enter a comment below explaining it?  Don’t be ashamed – you’re not alone . . .

*and I don’t want to investigate this by googling the same things.  This adds momentum to Internet theories.


9 thoughts on “Question to you, um, curious people

  1. But how many hits do you get if I type “Paris Hilton” into your comments?
    I could suggest that she was not wearing any clothing using a four letter word beginning with n and I am sure that would draw attention to your excellent blog!

  2. My mate once wrote a satirical post about sex with miners (as oppose to minors). He then got hundreds of people searching for ‘miner porn’ to reach his blog.

    So either there is a clandestine cult of miner fetishism out there, or else many illiterate peadophiles.

  3. Google predictive searching suggests this is widespread.

    Try typing ‘alan greespan’, ‘ben bernanke’ or ‘tim geithner’ into google – suggests you might want to search for ‘(name) jewish’.

    Just strange!

  4. My theory on this is that half the unbalanced types who do this are conviced that there is massive hidden string-pulling by, for and on behalf of ‘The Jews’. The are balanced by the equally off-rational-equilibrium group that is conviced of a massive, covert and demonic intertwined movement to harm all things Jewish. Like the two sides of a coin, where one spins and spies in the internet the other tumbles and trolls. Like primitive animals seeing ‘ hostile rivals’ in their mirror images, the more they look, the more frantic they get.

    If by any chance you had an odd number of such hits, the odd one is probably a believer that Britain was populated by the ten lost tribes of Israel.

  5. It shows that there is a race card that would be played, if ever the economic and/or national status conditions existed and a Milošević or a Karadzic stepped forward. And I suggest that the intensity of the response would be times one thousand if the religious qualification was Muslim rather than Judaism. That is why the Camborne economic policy is so dangerous and the stakes so high.

  6. Firstly, we who are searching for info about jewish conspiracy, are people of free mind, who want to live in a world where all nationalities are equal, without jewish domination in politics, economy, culture… Who gave them the right to call us goys and treat us like animals?
    Secondly, C.Ashton does look like a jewish person because of her disproportionate, even ugly if you like, face features. I think G. Brown is a jew, V. Putin & D. Medvedev are as well. Not mentioning W.Clinton and his wife. Why a tiny nationality represents the most powerful world countries? Are they smarter, more talented or something? Is it their “predestination”?
    P.S. I have a copy of the “Guidebook for jews in the USSR”. This “creation” is filled with instructions on how to create every possible harm to non-jews (goys or donkeys, meaning animals) and help in every way those of jewish blood. It says that a day in the life of a jew is considered wasted if he has not done harm to a goy.

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