Blogging/Tweeting the PBR

I am woefully unprepared for this.  I have come from an ACCA event discussing Financial Stability (v interesting – and some good Tory ideas, as a matter of fact).   I have only half read the FT.  And Touchstone blog have now invited me to tweet on this mighty issue.

I have hardly ever tweeted, and struggle to keep the verbal effluent down to 140 characters a sentence.   My natural metier is the sonnet, not the haiku.

On Twitter I am @Gilesyb, and the subject is #PBR.   Or, apparently, you can find the discussion on Left Foot Forward, Touchstone Blog, LibCon, or LabourList. The last link seems to bring you closest to the actual chat.

(yes, as a besuited ex-City employee with the proverbial detached house three kids and a dog, I am somewhat surprised at the genial welcome I get from people left of centre.  I may disappoint some time, you know .. .)

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I'm a mid 40s, former special adviser (Downing Street 2017-19, BIS from 2010-14), former FT leader writer and Lex Columnist, former financial dealer (?) at IG, student of economic history, PPE like the rest of them, etc. This blog has large gaps for obvious reasons. The name is dumb - the CentreForum think tank blog was called Freethink, I adapted that, we are stuck now.

2 thoughts on “Blogging/Tweeting the PBR

  1. Though I made a couple of snidey comments to indicate my true impartiality.

    Keep up the good work. And please let me drop you a line when I have another piece coming out.

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