then try this one, which I got via ChartPorn.

While I am on this subject, Paul Krugman asks why people denying it, most of whom can have no independent scientific take on a massive, multicausal, science based event*, are so damned angry.

His take: “So they’re outraged, furious, at the notion that they have to listen to guys who talk in big words rather than sports metaphors.”

Talking of people who don’t like long words, Sarah Palin’s take on warming is almost irrelevant, given how easily we could predict what she’d say. Of the hundreds of sarky messages beneath her nonsense, this was my favourite. Mankiw has the best explanation for her, and Obama’s Nobel prize.

On the subject of stupid, this is a really clever way of selling more pizza.  But the people who won this competition are even more clever than that.

*i.e. can’t be refuted by “ooh, it’s cold today” or “that sounds like nonsense” or “I don’t like what you’re recommending. So it must be wrong”.


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