An old jazz man is dying in his bed.  Someone fetches a priest to deliver the last rites.  The  priest rushes in, gathers himself, and then bending low to the wheezing jazz man, asks “Is there anything still bothering you, son?”

The jazz man beckons him nearer with a withered trembling finger, and whispers in his ear

“Country music”

Which is why it is slightly embarassing that one of my favourite albums a decade back was the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou?  I have to concede that some country is not too bad – particularly since the Great Jim Callender, in response to my moaning about the Albums of the Decade, sent over some spiffing recommendations.   The Hot Toddies, beautiful close harmony country girls singing with moving rudeness about “Seattle”, “Jaguar” and “Geneva” – and Hank Williams III album ‘Straight to Hell’.  Too good to ignore, whatever the jazz men say.


2 thoughts on “Country music

  1. Check out the album Coal by Kathy Mattea.

    It’s all covers of old country songs about, well, coal. The opening version of The L&N Dont Stop Here Anymore is incredible.

    1. I’ve just bought it. Very nice, bluesy: reminded me of my wasted 18-23 years playing electric guitar blues to no-one much.

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