. . . . could be picked from any one of half a dozen paragraphs in the Weekend FT’s ‘aesthete’ section.

“The people I rely on for grooming and style are scattered around the world.  I have facials at the Carlyle in New York; I get massages at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow; my barber is at a place called Goth in Malta; and I have my shoes polished by Romi Topi in London.”

What a use for airport fuel.  And

“What got me hooked on Berluti was its Andy Demesure Edition – a sort of skinny, very cool loafer, originally designed for Andy Warhol.”  £1050.

Imagine if international travel were closed down; the unpolished shoes, unmanaged face, uncut hair.  A whole new sense of the phrase ‘rely on’.

I have long suspected that ‘How to Spend It‘ was set up by a rogue Marxist at the FT, determined to discredit freemarket capitalism by the most effective means possible: displaying the vapid, pretentious conspicuous consumption favoured by some of the truly pointless rich.  For those of us in favour of capitalism, it makes the job much harder.

I am a wealthy guy.   If I ever get to the stage of spending my money like this, shoot me.


5 thoughts on “Most dismayingly pretentious quote of the day

  1. “If I ever get to the stage of spending my money like this, shoot me.”

    Hmm, isn’t that exactly what the revolutionary vanguard Marxists want to do anyway?

    1. I had no idea that their doctrine required them to go after the people with the most cutting edge footwear, smooth back muscles and flawless hairstyles. Power to them, I say.

  2. I just don’t have the temprament to read things like how to spend it in the first place – as it is I’m getting an ulcer, my blood pressure would just go through the roof if had to face such horror…!

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