Guido was rather disparaging of the reach of ‘’, which has had a lot of fun adding new captions, to a poster that from the start looked like a sitting duck.  He writes:

A bit of (free) advice to Sue Macmillan and Labour’s digital team; campaigns that only run on little visited websites don’t really work.*

Now, I have a fair idea how popular the site is, because by some monstrous fluke the kind people over there linked to my post discussing the potential for, um, new captions on the poster.  Hopefully, they will all stay to chat about macroeconomics, though I doubt it.

My proudest blogosphere achievement had previously been a link from Dillow, or Ed Conway.  These produced an increase in traffic.  They are popular sites: Chris gets 60 times as many subscribers, I estimate, and Ed is the economics correspondent for the biggest quality daily.

But the links coming through from MyDavidCameron are about 5 times as many as either of these produced.  Roughly.   And they have been going on for days. I kinda wish I had written something funnier at the time . . .


5 thoughts on “myDavidCameron – empirical evidence

  1. I am sure you WOULD have linked to TM, because you are impartial and after the truth, just like me . . . Seriously, if something equally obvious came from Gordon Brown, would you cover it in the same way – is your target party political in that sense, or just aimed at a particular anti-TPA view of tax fairness (which I could see a number of conservatives signing up to as well)?

  2. As it happens, I did register at the same time as the cameron url…. but surely he has enough problems with his own party without us joining in! Right now none of the parties get me that excited, but yes it’s fair to say that this is an anti-Tory site as I think their economic stance is the worst by some distance. I take your point that not all conservatives are the same – I can’t find much to disagree with, say, Philip Blond’s attack on neoliberalism in his Ownership State pamphlet (though not with his solutions) – but I think the “prog cons” are pretty ineffectual within the party.

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