By 1960, one in five brides were pregnant on their wedding day.

From an excellent series “The British Family Marriage”, which for me adds weight and detail to the intuition that the conservative pre-1960s vision of the Family was not all it is cracked up to be. A 2% divorce rate does not mean 98% of marriages being happy.

The account of girl forced to give up her half-Pakistani child for adoption is heartbreaking.  About 40 minutes in, please watch:

Update: if you want to know what a real conservative thinks of all this, read this comment by Peter W Watson:

ok Bring back MIRAS . . . stop making women work by paying rubbish wages to their men folk, and then you can dispense with the State as Kindergarten and child minding and let Mums BE Mums . . . Make divorce very difficult. . . .Stop paying child benefit to anyone after the first child . . . Do not pay housing benefit to any woman who is not married – that ought to reduce the pregnancy and bastardy rate (now 40+) in a hurry.

Are you thinking what he’s thinking?


4 thoughts on “Surprising fact about 1950s marriages

    1. Quite.

      I feel ever so slightly ashamed not to have noticed that the comment thread is from August, as well .. though I am sure he has not honed his views since then!

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