Critics of current levels of Civil Service manning – and defenders of Imperialism – often like to cite the example of our administration in India, which, in their version, ran an entire sub-continent brilliantly with just a few thousand plucky Brits.

Lacking a computer here, I can’t link to such views. I remember brackenworld, autumn 2007…

They should read chapter 16 of Sen’s ‘Idea of Justice’ – how British incompetence and a lack of democracy added hundreds of thousands of deaths to the 1942 Bengal famine.


One thought on “For fans of the Colonial Administration

  1. But Giles, sometimes there’s a necessary price to enlightening savages.

    It was all good for them in the end.

    And at least we weren’t Japan. They were much worse than us.


    Niall Ferguson

    p.s. check out my book Empire

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