You may remember a few weeks ago that, entirely coincidentally, I found that a bunch of page views were arriving every day from people searching under “Catherine Ashton”, “Jew”, “Jewess”, “Jewish Conspiracy”.   Since then, a day scarcely goes by without finding such search terms somewhere – even on a blog as little noticed as this.

I was a bit mystified and even put out a post asking these people who they were.

Now, one seems to have replied.  I say ‘seems to’ because his comment is so cartoonishly anti-semitic that it could be parody.  Judge for yourself: is this really how a significant portion of Internet users think?

(PS Sorry if any readers find the comment offensive. I normally unapprove such comments – rare though they are.  But this is a genuine investigation)


5 thoughts on “Someone searching for a jewish conspiracy surfaces

  1. I was once told, by someone who should know, that Comment is Free has to constantly moderate anti-Jewish blog comments, to the extent that looking out for them and deleting them is pretty much a full time job.

    We live in a very weird world!

    PS I am not aware of that I met anyone Jewish until I went to university.

    1. Me too! it was a distinction that I did not understand even then – I am still not sure how many I know – it is just not a characterization I use. Why do certain Americans get obsessed, I have no idea

  2. Giles,

    Jews do run the world’s politics and media.

    Just hink of those famous jews Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. Or that famous Zionist Hebrew press baron, Rupert Murdoch.

    Or that other famous jew who ruined the banks for his own amusement, Fred Goodwin.

    Let the scales fall from your eyes! See the conspiracy for what it is!

  3. You missed one by the same guy (it’s even worse):

    I did a search for the author “Robo rob” coupled with jew and got some, um, interesting results:

    The second link for instance, tells me that someone named “Robo rob” thinks that people who listen to the Alex Jones show need “reeducation measures”. Something tells me that someone who thinks that Alex Jones fans are too centrist (if its the same guy as here) or whatever is far gone:

    The myspace page in the first result is worse. I’ve got one word for you: watermelons.


    (Of course, that could all be completely unrelated to the guy that posted here for all I know. And certainly Poe’s law applies anyway.)

    1. His comments about his book reading make it clear how seriously to take his learned views. Thans a lot for the research.

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