particularly as it actually scans along to Sing a Song of (twenty trillion) Pence.  Here is a taster:

And so he set off to create two hundred billion nicker,
Enough to buy the whole wide world a bathtub full of liquor
Though rather than buy fripperies he thought that he would pick a
Duller option: public debt. But now here’s the real kicker:

“The printing press – a minting mess – will debauch our fair pound,”
Said monetarist sceptics who were swarming all around.
“The value of dear sterling will collapse beneath the ground
And an explosion of inflation will astonish and astound.”

I think it deserves the prize if only for being able to include an accurate statement of movements in the value of the pound since March (!).

I would also urge the poetically minded to head towards ThoughCowardsFlinch where some impressive haiku are being created; and I like CS Clark’s personal touch:

He didn’t give my money away
From helping the nation I wouldn’t shrink
But I was already in debt anyway

My effort has clearly sucked productive effort away from the real economy; good.   There are surely more people out there who like rhyme, meter and political economy – step on up.   Extra marks to anyone who explains how stock and flow interact, as described on Ed Conway’s blog.


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