First to the gun, Hopi Sen has the best reinterpretation of what looks like a dreadful piece of melodrama by the Conservatives.

And this stout organ of political impartiality finds real fault with the Conservative campaign:

So what’s the problem?  Well, only the fact that Andy Burnham this morning denied the death tax claim with the words, “The Guardian story suggests a £20,000 flat levy. I’m not currently considering that as a lead option for reform.” Sure, the Health Secretary has left himself some wiggle room – he could still introduce the levy.  But the fact remains that the death tax isn’t current Labour policy.  It may never be.  And it’s disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

Respect to the Spectator.

Now the Bank’s Inflation Report is out. I will be offline reading that monster for the foreseeable.  What a glamorous life.


3 thoughts on “Latest Tory attack ad

    1. Yes. Even so, the tombstone imagery is a melodramatic way of presenting a policy that really only chooses to close a missing financial market, as far as I can tell. Asset rich peoople are not getting liquid current provision. Or am I missing something?

  1. The produciton quality looks fairly poor anyway, I thought it was an amature thing originally, done by someone at ConHome or a supporting blog. Didn’t realise it had been sanctioned from on high.

    It’s another instantly spoofable poster, maybe they;re banking on it going viral and being talked about, regardless of it being good or bad.

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