or, more to the point, my attempt to point out the errors in their piffle.  This very day I have had the post about the spending splurge put on LibCon, yet this very day Fraser Nelson and his SpeakYourBranes crew express their typical determination to ignore commonsense.

UPDATE: they have at least entered my intemperate comment.


9 thoughts on “The Spectator boldly ignores mathematics

      1. Now, you two, I don’t want this place to get a reputation for being all intellectual and that. It may drive the Spectator readers away.

  1. Sorry.

    Anyway: “Over the last decade, Brown increased spending by 16 percent of GDP (see graph below)… Why? What was the rush?”

    It amazes me – and by now I know it really ought not – that Fraser can say this, and post the graph showing a massive leap around 2008-09, and not even hint at the possibility that anything noteworthy might have happened around then. No, it’s just Brown’s spendthrift madness.

    1. Yeah – and also no recognition from the Right that we actually GOT something for that spending. As Brown said “We DID fix the roof” – he means the roofs of schools, which do matter. They spin this idea that he somehow spent it onhimself.

      We have a regular discussion round my place about how on earth it came to pass that Fraser Nelson assumed the position he has – of informing the uninformed about fiscal truths – when he has not a mathematical bone anywhere near his body.

  2. Theres this bloke at the Speccie called Fraser
    About whom it’s important to raise a
    Question or three
    On how he can be
    Such a twat that he deserves a quick taser.

    Can’t help myself nowadays

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