Unless I have missed it – I don’t really read Guido, if read is the word – there seems to be a strange silence from the Conservative Blogosphere on their claim that in some areas 54% of Teenagers fall pregnant by the age of 18.  Miserabilism is such a religion amongst some on the Right that such figures are not scrutinized.

Danny Alexander’s press release puts it well:

“The Tories seem to think that half our teenagers are pregnant, our cities are like The Wire and that people will get married for a few extra quid.  “If they really believe Britain is like this, it’s remarkable that Conservative MPs can pluck up the courage to leave their houses.

Dale is more interested in Brown’s tears,  Guido in the Mirror, apologising to a rich man.  Do we want people this out of touch in charge ….


4 thoughts on “A mysterious silence on this one

  1. Not sure which is the more disturbing possibility – that a typo as glaring as this was allowed to be published so close to an election where everything a party says will be subject to record levels of scrutiny, or that some Tories really to do picture one in two teenage girls carrying babies.

    Love Danny’s press release, there is room for more cutting sarcasm in politics I’d say…

    1. I thought the crime figures with Grayling was an even more egregious error, because (a) they were unashamed of it and (b) they really believed it.

      Though maybe some of them believed the teenage pregnancy thing, and think Little Britain is some sort of documentary…

  2. Off topic, please excuse me.

    I’d love to know what you make of the letter to the Times signed by 20 economists, which the Times claims supports Osborne’s fiscal plans:


    Over on Liberal Conspiracy there’s a debate about whether this letter actually has any content, and if so quite what it is:


    I see it as a reasonable comment in a broadsheet newspaper – no heavy economics, no numbers. My interpretation is that the economists are giving a big warning to the Tories not to “slash and burn” at any expense, but that might be wishful thinking.

    1. I tend to agree with the LibCon TUC people. There is not much here that is new. But I disagree about starting it in 2010-11 – we are already sucking a lot of demand out in that year. I would not really call it a big warning to Tories though. They are not allowing very much for holding fire ….

      Not at all off topic, keep em coming!

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