We are looking for an image to use on our report about QE.  I will NOT be using on like this (from the Guardian):

This is not what has happened. As the Bank’s latest MPC minutes has recognised, the money supply has not grown strongly.  The last thing that has happened is that the man in thes street has been flooded with money …..



5 thoughts on “Quantitative easing: what is not happening

  1. For a better image, how about a cartoon of Mervyn King pumping air into a tyre which is simultaneously deflating because it still has a puncture? That would be a fairly good pictoral metaphor for the monetary situation we’re in.

    1. Hi Niklas

      I have just called the Governor up, and asked him to pose. I even promised to pay for the pump and go halves on the tyre. Would you believe it but the ******er has just put the phone down on me?

      but I agree it would work pretty well


      PS appreciate you’re saying cartoon. Do you know an artist??

  2. Nice 🙂

    On your earlier question, I don’t know any artist personally. But there is an excellnet Swedish cartoonist whose work I’ve seen in a magazine I read: http://www.riber.net/

    That QMC blog looks very good – and it’s all for sixth-formers! I’m beginning to wish I did A-level Econommics now…

  3. Thanks for looking at our blog – and for the positive comments!
    Giles, I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions about QE (seeing as you’re about to publish something on it shortly). If you’re willing to answer a couple of short queries from my students, could you drop me a line on: andrew.lay @qmc.ac.uk? Ta very much.

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