Just as he liked shoplifting:

Nelson: Shoplifting is a victimless crime, like punching someone in the

And I think nef would like the anti-consumerist logic given later:

Luigi: Go ahead-a, Bart, take-a the Bonestorm.
       Mario: The store, she's so rich.  She'll-a never notice.
 Donkey Kong: Duh, it's the company's fault for making you want it so

Of course, to get serious, if shoplifting rises, is it the shops who pay?  Probably only a little; prices rise to reflect it as a cost of business, or the cost of more security guards. Then there are fewer shops because some can’t bear the set up costs rising.  So maybe it also gets more oligopolistic.  I guess this is why we don’t condone shoplifting as a way of dealing with Tesco’s profits.

It is the same with the Robin Hood Tax that Richard is now happy to have you discussing over on his fine blog. Though keep it civil.   If you just look to the first iteration, it looks like the Banks pay it.  Then the next,  and the next, and you realise it is all of society….

UPDATE: If you think using Simpsons characters trivialises this issue, I am not sure the TUC urging us to make the Robin Hood face is likely to be any better…


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