From Michael White’s blog on the youths in Cameron’s team:

By 1997 John Prescott had been an MP since 1970 and a prominent public figure since 1966, when Harold Wilson – then prime minister – almost named him as one of those communist-dominated militants behind the seamen’s strike. In the nick of time they spotted he was a Labour candidate.

How different history might have been.


5 thoughts on “Something I didn’t know

  1. Does this imply that Prescott was & indeed still is an undercover dupe for international communism or that repeated claims that various lefties were secretly under Moscow control, was always nonsense?

  2. In 1966 he contested my home town of Southport, no less.

    Back then it was a Tory safe seat with Labour a reasonable but no-serious-hope second and the Liberals out in third.

    Today it is the proud enclave known as the People’s Republic of John Pugh.

  3. True Story: based in Liverpool’s Mathew Street I was putting together a campaign for Works and Pensions and the Department for the Regions, then headed by Mr P. I really needed a photograph of him. So I was speaking on the phone to someone in his office asking for a photo. One of our team, looking out of the window down onto the busy street, chimed in:
    “You want a photo of Prescott, well you can take one yourself, he’s down in the street now.”
    I ran down two flights of stairs and found him just going into a cafe. His minders were a bit concerned as I approached him, but he was really helpful and obliging. We had a good chat about things, but I could have been anyone, including someone from News of the World.

    1. I’ve always liked what I saw of him on the telly. Not sure what to believe on 3rd party stories – so much malice out t here

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