Because I feel much more comfortable being on the same side as Paul …

…. here is the latest from the League of Gentlemen about P Blond and Respublica’s Red Toryism:

I’ve learned one thing from listening to Phillip Blond’s recent talk at Georgetown: I’m no Red Tory.  My turning point came about halfway through the lecture. Blond had thrown out a few zingers here and there, to nervous titters from the audience — You’ll hate me for saying this, but I like it when a woman doesn’t have an abortion! or whatever the line was — but I hadn’t yet grasped what he was getting at, which seemed a grab-bag of localist communitarianism, the desiderata of socialism, and a sort of arch anti-anti-anti-PC that didn’t play as well as it should have, I suspected, outside the United Kingdom. “You’re supposed to be outraged when I say this, and I know it, and just look at me saying it!” is rather dull early-90s fare, isn’t it? Hardly the stuff of a new conservative movement.


There then follows a lot of stuff about what Locke did or didn’t think, and then:

It’s therefore entirely backwards for Blond to claim, as he does, that “as soon as you have a rights-based society, you have a society based on power.” On the contrary, a society that respects individual rights has agreed to renounce power whenever possible, to force power to justify itself, again and again, by something more than mere tradition or appeal to authority

For libertarians like the League, that is the killer.  Don’t knock rights …. (I’m dead curious to know what Paul thinks of this, actually)

UPDATE: Graeme Archer as Tweeted that Phillip Blond’s manifesto is the most exciting and radical thing he’s read.  PB urges Cameron not to lurch right, for which he gets applause from me.     However, does anyone else think mutual models for everything is realistic goal:

This is where Cameron’s new Tory co-ops come in: rebuilding local financial services, but also providing mutual models for everything from energy utilities to British Airways. Elsewhere, our economy is dotted with oligopolies—the huge chains that own our pubs, the giant retailers and the banks themselves.

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7 thoughts on “Because I feel much more comfortable being on the same side as Paul …

    1. Don’t feel you have to. Though, seriously, you are my connection to the political theory world – there is a risk that I am going to be asked about ‘”the state of political thinking as we go into the election” by a broadcaster, in which case I may need some last minute coaching.

      1. Cool.

        I’ve used it as an excuse to write an extended piece about why Blond is full of babble normally. From there, I move to discuss the stuff in this blog.

        Be up tomorrow morning, hopefully.

  1. I like the League quote. Someone save me from becoming a libertarian!

    However, does anyone else think mutual models for everything is realistic goal.

    The Co-operative Party. Which just goes to show how realistic they are.

    Although with Balls as their most high-profile member, I don’t take their commitment to decentralised power very seriously.

  2. Philip,

    You don’t need to be a libertarian to endorse that quote.

    You just need to be sensible and not a charlatan peddling snake-oil.

    check my blog tomorrow for a very detailed expose…

    1. Sure, rights are not just for libertarians. Sufficient, not necessary.

      Thanks, looking forward to the post. Hope it didn’t swerve you too far from your natural course.

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