Just to keep the world up to date with, you know, stuff:

Economist’s View: nothing but disinflation in the US

Krugman disses John Kay’s regular suggestion of Narrow Banking as the answer. Without namechecking Kay.

Chris Giles finds the Chancellors’ Debate a ‘depressing consensus’.  Whereas Bagehot thinks they were a good thing for democracy.

Paul cleverly compares Blond to a Communist. He apologises to intelligent Marxists.  Now, I think they are all intelligent, Marxists.  Just wrong, that’s all.

GDP growth has been revised up to 0.4%.


5 thoughts on “Disinflation, narrow banking, stuff

  1. “Now, I think they are all intelligent, Marxists. Just wrong, that’s all.”

    You’ve never been on a left wing demo, have you?

    (I mean, I knew that already – but if you had endured the chanting and the rain and the morons, you’d know first-hand that many marxists are dribbling eejits).

    1. What???? I get stuff wrong?!?!??! you are banned, now, sir. Don’t even finish your drink.

      I’m with Krugman on this one, though. It’s a great rhetorical point, lousy economic one.

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