Look, sometimes I need a tenuous link to tie together a few things I found interesting.  So this is it.

A column in the FT argues against either fiscal OR monetary support in Japan.  A Japanese Austrian?

Fiscal stimulus and monetary easing policies should not be used as they get in the way of real reform. In the last two decades demand-side fiscal and monetary policies have served only to delay the much-needed elimination of excess capacity while dragging the growth rate of the economy down to zero

I would love to know what the ???? stage in this argument is between “no support” and “private sector expanded”.  Underpants, gnomes, again.

Tim Worstall compares Phillip Blond to Fascism. Whereas the IEA talk about how he wants to ‘construct’ society, like a socialist.  Though according to Redwood we are in a socialist world.  One suspects that he thinks we have been one since 1945, except for about 4 years in the 1980s. Of course some others have just converted from Labour because they are too right wing.  I’m confused.

Ed Conway’s spin on Haldane’s excellent speech on banking reform is that the banks can learn off Al Qaeda. Make your own jokes about holding a gun to our heads; he means in terms of Modularity.

LibCon have two amusing examples of discord within the conservative fold.  One: Torygraph dinosaurs against Nice Tim Montgomerie. Two: Tebbit accusing Cameron of being too obsessed with African homosexuals.  yes, if it weren’t for that I’d be voting Tory too ….

My old boss has launched a new party.


7 thoughts on “are we stalked by extremism?

  1. You can’t trust politicians… except the ones who call themselves the Trust Party.

    And you call yourself a Chief Economist, but you do not see that if you purge the rottenness inherent in the system, then clearly, er, ergo ipso facto quod erat demonstrandum!

    Why does the FT let Austrians anywhere near its printing press?

    1. I suppose he may be literally right. RFemove all support. Let economy fall 25%. Then growth returns as no further to fall. Not sure it would be pretty.

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