I love Tim’s efforts to keep the peace.  What a nice chap. Here is his summary of Red Tory.

  1. Give employees ownership of public services;
  2. Scrap school catchment areas to enable real choice for parents;
  3. New small regional banks;
  4. New economic model for the poor;
  5. Scrap pensioner tax relief for the poor and redirect money into asset creation programme for the poor;
  6. Convert Government bank shares into investment vouchers for the poor;
  7. Transfer Council assets to local communities;
  8. Community Land Trust;
  9. Jobless to work as volunteers without losing benefits;
  10. Time-banking: Plan for volunteers to exchange skills with time as a currency;
  11. Adjustable business rates: poor areas given power to cut business rates;
  12. Small cheap loans for the poor;
  13. Child Trust Funds (CFTs) to be enhanced;
  14. Scrap Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) to fund financial literacy classes in school;
  15. Support micro finance;
  16. Break up big banks;
  17. Create Necessities Price Index (NPI) to reflect true costs facing the poor;
  18. Mutualise the Post Office;
  19. Force banks to invest in social enterprises.

An awful lot of these sound like “forcing banks to do what I want them to”.  Given that Phillip Blond believes both parties have failed for 30 years (presumeably, things were going swimmingly in the 1970s), but is also anti-liberal on both social AND economic matters, which party does he belong in?  Discuss.

Here is John Wood’s response to the 19 recommendationss that Tim could find in the book.   Here is a taster of JohnWoodSense:

3)A great idea – until the small regional banks turn out not to be too big to fail.

4) This makes no sense

5) I don’t undestand this – if pensioners have more money they will buy more assets surely?

6) Again a lot of my money went into supporting the banks – why should my assets go to the poor?

What I like about Phillip Blond is he isn’t afraid of provoking debate.  And not every interviewer is lacking in praise.  Read this one.

But this from the League of Gentleman is good for neither Cameron nor Blond:

I wasn’t sure how Blond’s arguments would translate into practice, and the initial results look like an incoherent mishmash … A “Neighbourhood army” of 5,000 full-time, professional community organisers who will be trained with the skills they need to identify local community leaders, bring communities together, help people start their own neighbourhood groups, and give communities the help they need to take control and tackle their problems.


2 thoughts on “ResPublica Watch – how are things going on ConHome?

  1. Off topic but I was thinking about your comments on David Cameron’s money illusion in saying the govt was borrowing more this year than every other Labout government in history.

    I’ve calculated that it will also spend more money on our armed forces THIS YEAR than was spent fighting the ENTIRE First World War. In fact since Gordon Brown became prime minister the govt has spent more money on the armed forces than was spent in BOTH world wars! And they say it is underfunded.

  2. I love the idea of a new economic model for the poor. Economics, of course, relies on people being individuals and stuff like that, so I guess Blond’s new economic model (nem, an intellectual partner for nef?) involves making new model humans out of the poor, by sucking out all the individuality and turning them into good little worker bees, or something.

    Given that Phillip Blond believes both parties have failed for 30 years but is also anti-liberal on both social AND economic matters, which party does he belong in? Discuss.

    I’m sore tempted to say a de-racialised Mosleyite party.

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