HatTip to LeftOutside for alerting me to a great new blog called Rock and a Hard Place – and hattip to that blog for highlighting least-surprising-story-of-campaign part 1: UKIP candidate found blurting racist nonsense ont’ Internet. Rock and a Hard Place has that natural wit that makes an instant hit to the RSS button an easy decision:

Mr. Wiffen is a UKIP official.  the news stories I read didn’t specify in precisely what capacity he operates, so I like to think that it’s his job to remember to take hankies to party meetings for people to wipe the froth and spittle away with.  . . Mr. Wiffen posted a comment to a blog which I shall spare you but which included the phrases “left-wing scum”, “romanian gipsies” and “muslim nutters”.  You can imagine the rest.  On getting caught, the great clattering poltroon said, “When I read the lies about UKIP being a racist party I just saw red and fired off an angry email.”  Mmm. Or more accurately, “When I read the lies about UKIP being a racist party, I just saw red and fired off a racist email.”

Read the whole post.

UKIP clearly hope to capitalise on our native pride in being from the UK.  What they don’t get is that most of us are proud of being British to the exact extent that Britain is not like UKIP – that Britain is instead tolerant, open-minded, historically siding against thickwitted bigotry, and so on.  The date UKIP defines what Britain is like is the date I decide to call myself European instead.


9 thoughts on “UKIP – the UK you’re not Intensely Proud of

  1. Considering that UKIP opposed bombing hospitals to assist your KLA friends in racial genocide, the sexual enslavement of children & the dissection of living people – all things the LibDems enthusiastically support – I do not think you can honestly accuse that entire party of being 1% as fascist & racist as each genocidal LibDem MP individually.

    There is also a wakness with claiming to have found a racist statement, refusing to say what it says & telling us “trust me it supports my claim”.

    1. Ah, Neil, it’s a shame you’ve decided to bring your own brand of madness onto a blog of actual quality. I don’t really mind what you do on mine, but for this one you’ll need to include actual examples of the bizarre allegations you’re talking about, along with names so that the people involved can sue you for defamation.

      Are you actually a UKIP supporter? Or just on some sort of pro-Serb crusade?

      1. Adam, you do yourself down. Glancing at that long arg between you and Neil it is not fair to label your own blog as lacking quality


        But I do think it is a demonstration that when you come across an internutter, the best use of your time is often to ignore …. it’s like what Solow says about Chicago


        I consider it a compliment when an internutter arrives on the site – they can afterall choose from tens of millions of blogs, being the ultimate in free spirits ….

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