Weekend must reads

or at least Must flick throughs

Blond’s Red Toryism gets a good review.  If you call this good:

“for Blond, it is liberalism that is the chief enemy, for liberalism erodes liberty.”

Rawnsley’s interview with David Cameron looks interesting.

Hamish McRae argues for Growth as the way to fix Britain’s problems.  Hear hear, I cheer, and not just because it annoys nef.  (now I must read it).

And David Smith says the recovery mountain is not as high as it looks.  Um, good.

Alan Silitoe has died. I read Saturday Night and Sunday morning in 1987, probably for the naughty bits.  But this precis does not suggest to me that life before the Dreaded Sixties broke everything was all domestic Big Society bliss.  Make sure no-one tells Theodore Dalrymple.

Sorry, that’s it.  Don’t you know there’s an election on?

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I'm former special adviser (Downing Street 2017-19, BIS from 2010-14), former FT leader writer and Lex Columnist, former financial dealer (?) at IG, student of economic history, PPE like the rest of them, etc, and formerly in my mid-40s. This blog has large gaps for obvious reasons. The name is dumb - the CentreForum think tank blog was called Freethink, I adapted that, we are stuck now.

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