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I used to have a blog – called Swing Voter – which I used in the autumn of 2007 to think aloud about my voting choice.  I am a genuine swing voter – Tory in 1992, Labour since, LibDem now.   I almost joined Labour in 2007, but was repelled at the last minute, and felt I would be deeply out of place.   I questioned my motives, and realised that I would have been one of those people referred to in my CiF piece: attracted because they seem to be where ‘progressive power’ had gotten itself stuck, not because their views and methods were something I could any more support.

It is easy to forget the roaring triumphalism of that 2007 conference.  Let us never forget … you learn far more about a party when it thinks it is going to win forever.  And I can’t remember electoral reform being very high on the Labour agenda back then.


3 thoughts on “My latest CiF piece: Labour too interested in power for its own sake

  1. It’s a good point that, for a while, Labour has seemed to want power for its own sake, although I’m not entirely sure why you don’t think they were rubbish, if not power hungry, during at least the latter Blair days.

    1. It is because I did not think very hard about it, andbecause I had irrational pride in having made the rightchoice before

      1. Good honesty. Something tells me that if the day comes for the Fabians to leave the sinking ship, they won’t respond in the same fashion.

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