to Chris Grayling on the Today programme about Crime


4 thoughts on “Evan Davis says all the right things

  1. As ever.
    There was an interview with Hilary Benn a couple of years ago that I strongly recommended to my students highlighting how to be an economist and ask the right questions. A particular highlight was “if you don’t know the answer, that’s fine, let’s move on, I’ve got a lot to get through”, and all his questions focused on the marginal analysis of some policy or other.
    It’s good having an economist in such a prominent media role. Wasted on Dragons’ Den.

    1. Could not agree more on the latter points. Dragon’s Den, like the Apprentice, paints far too macho a picture of how business really it.

      Evan Davis, like so many stars (Chris Giles as well), trained at the IFS. The IFS rule, literally.

    1. Oh, and Davis really is brilliant. Webb’s quite good as well: I thought yesterday’s edition of Today, for all the hoarse voices, was far stronger than anything Humphrys and Naughtie are able to cook up.

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