It is a beta version (and forever will be).  The idea here is that you can enter you own Labour to Conservative and Labour to LibDem swings by region, which means 11 * 2 different numbers.  When you find one that is interesting, you can save it as a scenario.

Then you can look at the results by region on the sheet tab called ‘National Display’ – which also lets you flick between the scenarios you were a-pondering on the other tab.  You can, if you like, ignore the regionality and still do uniform swings using the scroll bars.

Look, this latest iteration has occurred in just 55 minutes, so your patience is appreciated ….

Incidentally, my calculations show Lib Dems picking up more seats in Scotland than I expected.  I reckon this is probably where my flippantly failing to include SNP in the calculations has shown up.  I should fix this – in the meantime, be warned on that score.

Again let me know of any interesting scenarios.


3 thoughts on “Regional Swingometer introduced

    1. Yes, BUT he just has the RESULTS of an interesting model. You can’t dive into it and muck around with its innards.

      Trust no-one

      1. True, but they’re interesting results nonetheless.

        And Nate Silver’s more trustworthy than most – he did pretty damn good for the US election.

        But yes, seeing the innards is useful – even if that means a temptation to rack the swings up towards the Lib Dems to +20.

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