There are plenty of candidates for Reason Number 1, but perhaps the best of all was demonstrated by the ferocious reaction from the right wing press after Cleggmania.  It is hard to calculate how deeply set is the corrupt nexus between press coverage, fundraising, the ability to swing marginal seats in our potty electoral system, the whiff of power, so the press coverage …

Remember that in the last UK general election the Lib Dems got about 65% of the Tory vote. What proportion of the press coverage and fundraising do you think they got?

My very favourite expose of the lunacy of the antiCleggmania fury in the press comes from John Finnemore on the Vote Now Show (3rd May).  Please listen from 10 minutes in, or 13 minutes in if you want the ‘wide eyed astonishment’ in the Mail when they found out that Nick Clegg’s neighbours include dentists! And the man has expensively covered modern chairs!

This crazy system, whereby one party might get 60% of the favourable press coverage, 80% of the funding, 37% of the vote, 53% of the seats in Parliament and then 100% of national power, must be stopped.   The clearest way to do so is to vote Lib Dem, and the comical outrage of our knuckleheaded press two weeks ago is a clear sign that we are deliciously close to achieving this.


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