For some reason or other, I’m browsing wikipedia articles about previous PM’s from minority administrations.

Here is what Ramsay MacDonald supported during the Great Depression.

And here is the general election result that followed.  Ouch!


5 thoughts on “Why the Conservatives may not fancy a general election in the near future

  1. Will Nick Clegg become the Liberal’s Ramsay McDonald?

    Popular at first, impeccable credentials before getting the top job, does what is considered the best most credible thing facing a minority administration in the face of economic crisis… destroys his party for a generation, shafted by the Tories and his name is still spat on 80 years later.

    1. Hmmm quite a few differences though. For a start, he’s not PM with 288 seats. And the tache

  2. Yes, the Treasury View was pretty damn stupid – and yet people today still give voice to it.

    But not all blame can go to Labour though – Churchill putting us back on the gold standard in ’25 didn’t exactly help.

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