Philip Collins and Daniel Finkelstein, discussing what might make this new coalition difficult for the Left.

They were both directors of the SMF, which also had ME as an intern (at the age of 35) in the spring of 2008.  Their current director, Ian Mulheirn, is taking them forward to exciting new places – above all, they have been comfortable doing a roster of good events at all three party conferences, something no other think tank can really do.

Well placed, I should say.

Two other great contributions to this debate about the near future of politics: Hopi Sen is admirably objective here:

The way I think of it is this: As of this moment, two thirds of voters may well support a Conservative-Liberal alliance and one third support Labour.  For us to win, we have to expand our share of support into the ground that the formerly free Liberal Democrats found so congenial. That won’t be easy for us. It is not as if the “captured” Liberal Democrats have vacated that political space, they have merelly allied themselves with another electoral wedge,

And LibDem Voice:

There will be plenty of troubles ahead for the Lib-Con government, plenty of time for Labour to exploit the difficulties the Lib Dems and Tories will face. But turn the knife too soon, and they may end up shooting themselves in the foot.

(oh, for anyone concerned: yes, I have started hitting the champagne).


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