I suspect I won’t be beating this record for a while, what with there not being an epoch-defining election every week, and all that.


10 thoughts on “What happens when the Beeb casually links to a blog

  1. Bloody show off.

    one day there will be a history of political thought crisis, and suddenly everybody will care about that, and people who know about that will see their blogs explode with hits.

    just you wait and see.

    (p.s. well done – my hits are actually doing very well at the mo, saw a 100% increase over the past two months, which is pretty impressive as I’ve actually been posting a bit less…)

    1. (Puts on pious face) The BBC was rewarding me for changing my mind about politicians ….

      I am glad the post had a link to you, restores some justice given how you helped get this blog off the ground months ago

      1. Yeah I got a higher than usual number of hits via that link, so cheers for that.

        Are you looking forward to being the voice of government defence? That will probably not be fun…

  2. Will we now see you regularly pontificating on BBC News/Newsnight type shows as an academic thinker from a party now in government?

    1. Seriously, if that happens, my ability to do serious work will be heavily compromised – it is very time consuming for the small minutes you achieve

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