In case it is not otherwise clear: I am now permanently employed by the Financial Times to write leaders.  This means I write about 2400 words a week for the best newspaper in the land, on topics judged to be important enough for the privilege.  Just you will not know it is me, and (crucially), the words represent the views of the newspaper not necessarily the biased ranting of this blogger.

It is great fun.  Insert cheers and congratulations here.

It does not necessarily mean I will never blog here again.  As you can tell the style here is somewhat different. I am yet to work out the rules and, to be frank, the time difficulties are as much the obstacle as anything else.  Putting out that many words for as good a publication as the FT on the short notice one necessarily receives, often on topics unheard of a few minutes before, is challenging.  I spend the last half hour of each day in a state of combined elation and paranoia, having filed.

I will still be doing the odd op-ed, of course, and reposting from the extensive back catalogue here.  Have you seen how extreme the various fiscal plans of certain parties are? And did you read what was published here on it in June, July?  You get the picture.

It’s sunny, there are two magpies in the garden eyeing the huge crop of frog- and toad-spawn in our pond, and so I need to dash.




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