I knock out about four leaders a week.  No, you cannot tell which are mine, officially, and in any case they reflect the FT View, not necessarily mine.

Still worth reading though. (£), but so what.

I also produce a few in my own name when so graced by the Comment section.  For neatness/vanity/posterity, here are some that spring to mind.

The Grexit standoff is Not a Prisoners Dilemma. Very pleased with this as it sprang from a hasty 20 minute email argument.

A Saturday look at the Osborne Ordo-liberal imitation of German ways Worth it for the Keynes quote.

What ‘working’ with Steven Hilton was like.  Got a lot of Twitter love for this. So many people revolted by his Newsnight More Human sell.

There are plenty more, I am sure. Enough for now.


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