This is the blog of Giles Wilkes, a sometime temp, ten years a financial market spiv, once the Chief Economist of CentreForum, now an ex Special Adviser to Vince Cable.

This is my personal blog. It ought to be very clear that these are all my own views, as signified from time to time with phrases like “I think that” and so on.

My latest publication is Credit where it’s due: making QE work for the real economy. I am not sure what I believe in there any more. More recently, I have a couple of pieces in the FT, and shortly a longer one on Spads that will knock your socks off.  If you’re into that sort of thing.

I tweet @Gilesyb.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. “Liberal means towards progressive ends”
    Dear Giles
    Like very much those words and wholeheartedly endorse them.
    Will create a link from in the next uptate (there’s already one to Centre Forum).
    May I take this opportunity to invite me to read the extended version of my op-ed published on Liberal Democrat Voice blog: (very interesting exchanges there)
    The full text titled “NEEDED: BRITAIN’S ECONOMIC REINVENTION” is available on
    Best regards

  2. Excellent blog, looking forward to it. Do you have any advice on how to become a special adviser? What qualifications are needed? Do you need to have worked for the party in opposition as well as government?

  3. Hi Giles,

    I was wondering whether you’d be interested in coming back to BIS to give a talk about your experience as a SpAd?

    I was thinking maybe a 30-45 min talk, followed by Q&A?

    If interested, drop me an email at

    Best wishes,


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