My question isn’t about Media Repression

Hat Tip to Paul S for pointing me to this dispute on Stumbling and Mumbling.  I tend to be on his side here about the supposed wickedness of Syrup in how he interviewed this character.  You enter this sphere, you have to face its rules.   Any other party.  Etc Etc But my question is moreContinue reading “My question isn’t about Media Repression”

The Internet is back. I’m reswamped.

I had a semiWebFree day yesterday.  Some would hope this would be liberating, but of course we know it is not so; the stuff just accumulates unseen and unsorted.   I tend to feel very like Andrew in this excellent post here: simultaneously energised and stressed by having so much to want to read. Were ourContinue reading “The Internet is back. I’m reswamped.”