I have written six book reviews this year

What a rare thing – a blog post. At the end of another writingful year I thought it worth noting a few of the achievements now likely to vanish into posterity. There are, after all, so many words out there, mostly words about words.  Like book reviews. I have written six this year, the mostContinue reading “I have written six book reviews this year”

Some writing I must hold up my hand to

I knock out about four leaders a week.  No, you cannot tell which are mine, officially, and in any case they reflect the FT View, not necessarily mine. Still worth reading though. (£), but so what. I also produce a few in my own name when so graced by the Comment section.  For neatness/vanity/posterity, hereContinue reading “Some writing I must hold up my hand to”

Gripping video about scandalous spads

So I spoke at the Institute for Government yesterday, next to a couple of much better people, Nick Hillman and Pamela Dow. UPDATE.  Something weird with URL.  Visit this link if you really want to see me in a shiny suit. Link It was all about my long-awaited pamphlet, hastily titled “The Unelected Lynchpin”, fullContinue reading “Gripping video about scandalous spads”

What ARE the big UK supply side issues?

The different way in which the Uk and USA have reacted to fairly similar NGDP pathways has occasioned some useful but high level blog commentary. The basic conclusion is that the UK suffered a supply shock as well as a demand shock; see Historinhas on the not so much Siamese twins qualities here, and Professor Sumner,Continue reading “What ARE the big UK supply side issues?”

Bleg: political memoires for summer reading

Reading Philip Stephens Politics and the Pound has reminded me how much I love reading political history, particularly with an economic slant. I am about to get 3 weeks off.  I would love to spend the child-free moments devouring more political memoires.  So: any good suggestions? I have already got through a fair few: Gladstone, Peel,Continue reading “Bleg: political memoires for summer reading”