There are far worse crimes than being smug

I try to avoid the Sunday press. From its echoes on Twitter, it appears to be a troll-fest through which innocents like me are unpleasantly reminded of the existence of columnists we’d thought had gone to pasture years ago.  And even the thoughtful ones, like Matthew Syed, feel an extra urge to be provocative onContinue reading “There are far worse crimes than being smug”

Orange Book in hot demand

Well, it’s hardly surprising, is it?  The zig-zag story of the Conservatives’ attempt to embrace liberalism under Cameron has its images, sayings and catchphrases: the well-hugged hoodie, the huskie, the green tree, We Believe in Society, Cameron’s embrace of the NHS, and so on.   But the other movement that led to the coalition partners comingContinue reading “Orange Book in hot demand”

Because I feel much more comfortable being on the same side as Paul …

…. here is the latest from the League of Gentlemen about P Blond and Respublica’s Red Toryism: I’ve learned one thing from listening to Phillip Blond’s recent talk at Georgetown: I’m no Red Tory.  My turning point came about halfway through the lecture. Blond had thrown out a few zingers here and there, to nervousContinue reading “Because I feel much more comfortable being on the same side as Paul …”

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