“I don’t have a problem – but I’m sure everyone else does”

A mundane 7.00am observation of mine was my most retweeted ever: that far more people think “the country” has a pressing issue with Immigration than they do personally. This is unsurprising, to a metropolitan elite like myself.  Concern about immigration bespatters the front pages of the tabloids. That is where people perceive “the country” andContinue reading ““I don’t have a problem – but I’m sure everyone else does””

Most shocking quote from the Economist this week

Please, don’t less this be the future for a Britain now signed up to less liberal immigration policies. From a story about how an anti-immigration backlash plays out in Japan: Families have been broken apart as parents of children born in Japan have been detained and deported. People who seemed to qualify for a specialContinue reading “Most shocking quote from the Economist this week”

Matthew Engel of the FT on LibDem immigration policy

“There was one issue where the other two did turn on him: over his policy of an amnesty for long-standing illegal immigrants. And Mr Brown uttered the immortal and long-awaited phrase: “I agree with David.” It may or may not be coincidence that this is an issue where both men are almost certainly aware thatContinue reading “Matthew Engel of the FT on LibDem immigration policy”

Christian Tories, and globalisation causing unemployment

Busy busy busy today.  These caught my eye however. Tim Montgomerie is making an explicit push for Christian votes here.  I think it is worth reading this in conjuction with the Reportage of Chris Cook on this subject, and the tensions within Conservativism caused by this: Two years after being exiled by Michael Howard, aContinue reading “Christian Tories, and globalisation causing unemployment”