David Miliband in South Shields

I always enjoy the uncompromising leftist views of John Harris (though he seems most uncompromising with the facts of fiscal arithmetic. He’s not bad doing telly either. Here in this video he follows a disappointed Labour voter, and a pre-election David Miliband, round South Shields.  The DLV followed this up with a Cif Piece explainingContinue reading “David Miliband in South Shields”

Wanted: a good demonstration of how these things can work out well

There are plenty of places you can go if you want to read about how any deal between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats would ‘kill the Lib Dem vote’ (Phillipe Sands), cause it to be ‘swallowed’ by the Tories (in a more thoughtful piece by Anne Perkins) or could invite a mass-migration of LibContinue reading “Wanted: a good demonstration of how these things can work out well”

Oh, how existential risks focus the mind

At several points in the last few months it has seemed ‘obvious’ to armchair politicians like me that, post election: Labour would indulge in lunatic blood-letting; lose the mantle of CentreLeft-ness to the Lib Dems; do something daft like elect Ismizing Cruddas or not-awfully-popular Balls as leader and that, from a Lib Dem perspective itContinue reading “Oh, how existential risks focus the mind”

Liberalism is about dissolving power

Reason number two for my support of the Lib Dems is their abiding concern with concentrated power.  In Vince’s policies it is about dissolving the power of banks and other monopolies.  In education it is about moving power down to where headteachers and local authorities can make decisions.  In electoral reform it is about ensuringContinue reading “Liberalism is about dissolving power”

The Keynesian moment cannot last forever

I was thinking about this when skimming through the Times’ endorsement for Cameron.  Its basic premise is similar to that of the Economist (see last post): reform of an overmighty and just-too-large State is the essential challenge of the era, and the Conservatives are best for this: Amid the sound and fury, a fundamental philosophicalContinue reading “The Keynesian moment cannot last forever”

Online calculators rule

I’m sure most of you will have already played with the the FT’s online deficit buster.  So too has Adam Boulton, but when he asked Mandy to give some of his own brutal preferences, he got a prolonged smackdown, culminating in the undeniable “neither the IFS nor the FT are standing in this election”. TheContinue reading “Online calculators rule”

Some telling quotes, mostly about the continuing erosion of Labour

First, from the BBC page about today: Labour say their rivals’ plans amount to a “coalition of cuts for children” as parties try to focus on policy after days of debate about a hung parliament. Labour will attack Lib Dem plans to axe child trust funds and Tory proposals to scale back child tax credits.Continue reading “Some telling quotes, mostly about the continuing erosion of Labour”

My latest CiF piece: Labour too interested in power for its own sake

It is here. I used to have a blog – called Swing Voter – which I used in the autumn of 2007 to think aloud about my voting choice.  I am a genuine swing voter – Tory in 1992, Labour since, LibDem now.   I almost joined Labour in 2007, but was repelled at the lastContinue reading “My latest CiF piece: Labour too interested in power for its own sake”

‘Killing the Labour party’

I doubt I will make many friends here by linking with some measured approval to this Matthew Parris column, which may be partly wishful, but surely contains some true insights.  Discussing Brown’s ‘moronic’ remark about Clegg being ‘Anti American’, Parris writes: The expression that briefly stalked the Liberal Democrat leader’s normally bland face, however, betrayedContinue reading “‘Killing the Labour party’”

Some links about leftthinking rightthinking liberalthinking ….

… that I can’t be bothered to commentate on with any skill (that’s what you lot are all for). First, Greg Mankiw’s classic: how do right and left differ? An excerpt: The right sees externalities as an occasional market failure that calls for government intervention, but sees this as relatively rare exception to the generalContinue reading “Some links about leftthinking rightthinking liberalthinking ….”