There are far worse crimes than being smug

I try to avoid the Sunday press. From its echoes on Twitter, it appears to be a troll-fest through which innocents like me are unpleasantly reminded of the existence of columnists we’d thought had gone to pasture years ago.  And even the thoughtful ones, like Matthew Syed, feel an extra urge to be provocative onContinue reading “There are far worse crimes than being smug”

Some top quotes …

in order to make up for my abandoning the blog for a day owing to us relaunching a website, soon. Here is the world’s top blogger Cowen hoisting an excellent quote about Benthamism: Bentham is a total mess. One commentator said that Benthamite utilitarianism is a philosophy that tells you what to do when youContinue reading “Some top quotes …”

Orange tinted policies

Both from the Orange Book and recent acclaimed CentreForum publications you can see the real influence of proper liberal views influencing policy. Look at the Coalition agreement: The Royal Mail agreement – keeping Post Offices as they are, allowing the Royal Mail itself to have private investment – is rather similar to what Vince calledContinue reading “Orange tinted policies”

Orange Book in hot demand

Well, it’s hardly surprising, is it?  The zig-zag story of the Conservatives’ attempt to embrace liberalism under Cameron has its images, sayings and catchphrases: the well-hugged hoodie, the huskie, the green tree, We Believe in Society, Cameron’s embrace of the NHS, and so on.   But the other movement that led to the coalition partners comingContinue reading “Orange Book in hot demand”

Most shocking quote from the Economist this week

Please, don’t less this be the future for a Britain now signed up to less liberal immigration policies. From a story about how an anti-immigration backlash plays out in Japan: Families have been broken apart as parents of children born in Japan have been detained and deported. People who seemed to qualify for a specialContinue reading “Most shocking quote from the Economist this week”

Liberalism is about dissolving power

Reason number two for my support of the Lib Dems is their abiding concern with concentrated power.  In Vince’s policies it is about dissolving the power of banks and other monopolies.  In education it is about moving power down to where headteachers and local authorities can make decisions.  In electoral reform it is about ensuringContinue reading “Liberalism is about dissolving power”

My latest CiF piece: Labour too interested in power for its own sake

It is here. I used to have a blog – called Swing Voter – which I used in the autumn of 2007 to think aloud about my voting choice.  I am a genuine swing voter – Tory in 1992, Labour since, LibDem now.   I almost joined Labour in 2007, but was repelled at the lastContinue reading “My latest CiF piece: Labour too interested in power for its own sake”

John Kampfner: Why I’m backing the Lib Dems

John Kampfner, a distinguished war reporter, ex-editor of the New Statesman and commentator with impeccable centre-Left credentials, has written an important and provocative piece for the Guardian today: Why I’m backing the Lib Dems This coincides with the launch (through CentreForum) of his pamphlet: ‘Lost Labours: where now for the liberal Left?” (pdf).  The webpageContinue reading “John Kampfner: Why I’m backing the Lib Dems”

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