Some wishful gossipping about whatifs

The Spectator: coalition government passes fewer bills.  A Very Good Thing. Amol Rajan (in the Indie):  Cameron failing could see Conservative Party Break Up. Financial Times: Fantasy coalition cabinets. The Tory chooses all Tories.  The Labour chap doesn’t even try.  A bit emblematic of their current campaigning styles … LeftFootForward: Tories still refusing to admitContinue reading “Some wishful gossipping about whatifs”

The TUC swipes away a miserabilist myth

And you know the myth I mean.   You know, there is loads of ‘hidden unemployment‘ that reflects some sort of Labour fiddle, taking the gloss out of the frankly wonderful unemployment figures (certainly compared to the gleeful alarmism of the Conservative press last summer). Here is the TUC’s graph-strewn reply. Eight million economically inactive peopleContinue reading “The TUC swipes away a miserabilist myth”

Me, elsewhere, ducking below the parapet

In the Guardian – I think only online – is an adaptation of that blog post about falling murder rates in LA. As a self-confessed amateur of this topic, I have taken the opportunity of buying Chris Williams’ book on History and Crime.  I have seen an earlier chapter on the difficulty of extrapolating fromContinue reading “Me, elsewhere, ducking below the parapet”

Los Angeles murder rate in vertiginous decline

… to only about 3 times’ the UK’s.  Though that is not the angle taken in this excellent story (hattip Marginal Revolution) which marvels at it falling near to the level of some extraordinary city in Nebraska , Omaha. Los Angeles, a city of some 4 million inhabitants, is enjoying a blindingly good few yearsContinue reading “Los Angeles murder rate in vertiginous decline”

Cameron sticks with ‘broken Britain’

And why not?  It gets a good clap from the sort of core Tories that go to Spring Conference.  Die hard miserabilists.  But as Philip Collins fisks, not necessarily a good idea: The trouble with “broken Britain” rhetorically is that it gives real fire to speeches now and ruins every speech three years into government.Continue reading “Cameron sticks with ‘broken Britain’”

A mysterious silence on this one

Unless I have missed it – I don’t really read Guido, if read is the word – there seems to be a strange silence from the Conservative Blogosphere on their claim that in some areas 54% of Teenagers fall pregnant by the age of 18.  Miserabilism is such a religion amongst some on the RightContinue reading “A mysterious silence on this one”