Weekend must reads

or at least Must flick throughs Blond’s Red Toryism gets a good review.  If you call this good: “for Blond, it is liberalism that is the chief enemy, for liberalism erodes liberty.” Rawnsley’s interview with David Cameron looks interesting. Hamish McRae argues for Growth as the way to fix Britain’s problems.  Hear hear, I cheer,Continue reading “Weekend must reads”

Because I feel much more comfortable being on the same side as Paul …

…. here is the latest from the League of Gentlemen about P Blond and Respublica’s Red Toryism: I’ve learned one thing from listening to Phillip Blond’s recent talk at Georgetown: I’m no Red Tory.  My turning point came about halfway through the lecture. Blond had thrown out a few zingers here and there, to nervousContinue reading “Because I feel much more comfortable being on the same side as Paul …”

The Internet is back. I’m reswamped.

I had a semiWebFree day yesterday.  Some would hope this would be liberating, but of course we know it is not so; the stuff just accumulates unseen and unsorted.   I tend to feel very like Andrew in this excellent post here: simultaneously energised and stressed by having so much to want to read. Were ourContinue reading “The Internet is back. I’m reswamped.”

Some observations from signed up members of the sensible party

First, from Chris Dillow: our gilt rates  do not makes us a more risky proposition than Italy: Granted, UK five-year yields are slightly higher than Italy’s: 2.81% vs. 2.72% for benchmark bonds. But this is not a pure measure of creditworthiness. Bond yields also depend upon inflation and currency risk. One reason why gilts yieldContinue reading “Some observations from signed up members of the sensible party”

A League of Ordinary Gentlemen on Blond

Interesting to read: Polite, but for me confirms the basic problem: the airy concepts all sound fine, but where is the real content, the substance, the policy?  It seems to be a speaking tour not a policy programme, so far. Despite my nasty libertarian streak, I found a lot to like in Blond’s talk, particularlyContinue reading “A League of Ordinary Gentlemen on Blond”