Orange tinted policies

Both from the Orange Book and recent acclaimed CentreForum publications you can see the real influence of proper liberal views influencing policy.

Look at the Coalition agreement:

The Royal Mail agreement – keeping Post Offices as they are, allowing the Royal Mail itself to have private investment – is rather similar to what Vince called for in his chapter (p168).  So too is the idea of sunset clauses on regulation.

More recently, following Professor Alison Wolf’s paper for us published in February, you have this (see FT link):

One of the most striking agreements is over the need to break teachers’ national pay scales, a commitment that sets the coalition on course to clash with unions. The document pledges to “reform the existing rigid national pay and conditions rules to give schools greater freedoms to pay good teachers more and deal with poor performance”. While sympathetic to such reform, Tory and Lib Dem politicians have shied away from an explicit commitment to take on union bargaining power. Alison Wolf, professor at King’s College London, said the pledge was a “clear statement of intent” that the unions “will hate”. “The two parties . . . are going to find it easier to move forward than they would have on their own,” she said.

You can hear examples of the union antagonism in a Radio 5 interview a few weeks back.

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I'm former special adviser (Downing Street 2017-19, BIS from 2010-14), former FT leader writer and Lex Columnist, former financial dealer (?) at IG, student of economic history, PPE like the rest of them, etc, and formerly in my mid-40s. This blog has large gaps for obvious reasons. The name is dumb - the CentreForum think tank blog was called Freethink, I adapted that, we are stuck now.

4 thoughts on “Orange tinted policies

    1. Damn, I should be getting your stock tips too. (I just sold a load of puts this morning, doh).

      Forced to subscribe to your blog, adding to the pile. Perhaps I should eject something?

  1. Posted by freethinkingeconomist on May 20, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    ‘ Damn, I should be getting your stock tips too. (I just sold a load of puts this morning, doh). ‘

    Oh dear. Hope they were in defensive stocks and not commodity based. Things are beginning to look a whole lot like the middle of 2008. The correction should not be too bad for the coalition assuming they avoid a second bank crisis. Things are looking ropey for sterling but at least they can finance the deficit cheaply, every cloud as they say.

    1. On the stock indexes – I like things I can trade online.

      My timing was lousy in 2008 too, but I held on. I just see vol at 40% and think that there are few better medium term position, particularly now we know that governments are willing and able to use monetary spigots.

      Of course, if it is stagflation, I’m screwed, but then I deserve a spanking for being so wrong … but commodities are heading well down, oil down 4%.

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